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13 Aug 2012
Distance Yan Yan commitment reply NVC dealers appeal deadline only had a day, each mounting speculation. NVC internal executives sina finance today said, Wu Changjiang has returned home from london. Disclose according to its, NVC Huizhou, Wanzhou factory has a large number of workers to resign, the factory faced serious underemployment.

Wu Changjiang returned home for Yan Yan dealer new brand operation shortly

The recent news that the former chairman Wu Changjiang went to London to watch the Olympic Games, and the staff about dinner. In this regard,PC Web Cameradab5d63ck a NVC internal executives sina finance today said, Wu Changjiang has returned home from london.

As everyone knows, August 10th is the chairman Yan Yan commitment to dealers, employees appeal reply deadline, Wu Changjiang here near the home, apparently waiting for Yan Yan and Schneider 's final word to make countermeasure.

Media reports suggest the NVC, dealer development held in Shenzhen in August 10th LED lighting supply assembly, the selection of suitable production enterprises for their new brand. The move was seen as Yan Yan and Schneider continue to pressure.

The senior said on the matter knowledge, and emphasizes Wu Changjiang for dealers establish a portal is always " does not support, do not approve of ". In fact,PAR38 Bulb since the NVC disturbance, is reported to have been due to Wu Changjiang ' stock losses of approximately HK $80000000, but the top is called Wu Changjiang's loss is far more than hereat, and dealers establish a portal for he will result in greater economic losses.

However, the high level expresses at the same time, the dealers have been in the business sector for brand new pre-registration, can be labeled with TM products production and sales. If the August 10th Yan Yan can not meet the dealer asked Wu Changjiang to return,A19 Light Bulbs then the dealer will start a new brand operation.

It is reported, NVC 36 dealer holds the NVC all sales channels, including more than 3000 stores, tens of thousands of outlets. Dealers have been registered in Chongqing in July 23rd the new trademark and company, plans to support existing products, channels of NVC and team functioning brand new.


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