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16 Aug 2012

Arduino is attracted to this group a guest came together " artifact ", it is an open source electronics prototyping platform, has the advantages of simple operation, flexible use, can be connected interactive device or the creation of interactive development environment.overseastudyhk Arduino can accept input from a variety of sensors signal, detect the operating environment, through the control of light source, electric motors and drives to influence the environment.

In other words, Arduino can help people connected to the various tasks. For example, like low temperature cooking, but feel special low-temperature cooking pot is too expensive,PAR38 Bulbdab5d63ck so buy myself a not - cooking pot, a timer, using the Arduino to connect them, control the cooking temperature and time, homemade low temperature cooking pot is made.

In addition, Arduino hardware circuit board assembly of good sales, can also be used to control the welding assembly, the software is available from the Arduino website for free download. A visitors according to the open source license to access hardware reference design ( CAD file ), can be free to modify, adapt to their own needs.

New roof Central has a big fan, spins will squeak, electric fan is the bottom of the two pieces together the work table, need to work to computer or an employee meeting time,A19 Light Bulbs members would sit at the table. Most of the time, they were standing, walking, sometimes in welding machine, bench, computer run among, can literally jumping to describe. The noisy atmosphere, sometimes there is a nasal simulation robot voice " The machine room open " - this is one from Holland's membership is designed and installed in the access control system, need to open the mobile phone camera, scanning a two-dimensional code, password, to open a placing tool room. No matter from the visual, auditory, and even olfactory can feel here clearly is to invite you to join, " do something fun! "


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