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28 Nov 2012

Next year the intelligent mobile phone shipments, Samsung, Apple store at

DIGITIMES Research newest report points out Nokia Lumia, the emerging market in low price range products, intelligent mobile phone industry in 2013 growth kinetic energy is the main source of low price products, thus relatively complete industry, and in a number of emerging markets and enjoy high brand advantage,plastic bag manufacturer or have been associated with the local telecommunications industry to establish good relations of cooperation, or familiar with around the market special pathway ecological, will have higher shipping development space; on the other hand, estimated that next year the intelligent mobile phone shipments, Samsung and apple still continued to reside the championship.

DIGITIMES Research estimates,solar panel supplier 2013 intelligent mobile phone shipments before 10 and 2012 relatively, ranking change range is large, which Samsung and apple is expected to continue to be stable according to the championship, Sony, Huawei and ZTE ranked leap forward, will be the big gap separated in the third, four and five, linked to in 2012 replaced Motorola operations into tenth, 2013 will strive for further improvement to sixth; in addition solar module manufacturer, estimated in 2013 is expected to hold seventh HTC, LG Electronics was increased to eighth, the RIM and Nokia ( Nokia ) shipping not vibration ranking slipped to ninth and ten respectively. In addition, the 2 line of the brand or the regional brand in new markets low-cost aircraft sales growth, DIGITIMES Research estimates, the top 10 industry 2013 shipment together accounted for more than 2 into the.


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