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12 Dec 2013
The sun shines into the balcony, opened the door, a wisp of Jin Guangping and of the moisture in my eyes, the skin on the back of the brush. Before, I rode a bike to go to school, the shade of a tree at this time, the grass, is a paradise on earth. I took out a piece of red cloth from the bag, took off a shoe, no matter how ugly in her sleep, open my arms, with green space for seats, a sky blue, hug this beautiful autumn.
I dream of to be a beautiful woman, my beloved man thrush, painted with red lipstick, jasmine spray on perfume, my love as I combed through the thin black hair, comb gently comb, sweet, tender comb. Put on a broken lace white dress, walk on the red high heels, holding the hand of a loved one, walking in the stream gurgling Creek, talk about our work, narrative of new beautiful, talk about our future.
I dream of to be a noble woman, between the various guests with Peng garden, all men are my temperament is impressed by the pass card, considerate, active up to me all the time, and some with a glass of red wine, gently and I met with, say gentle compliment. My many suitors, they show some hand, holding a bundle of roses, kneeling to propose to me on the ground, handed over a silver ring, some with me to the senior clubs, private parties, in various senior high society to enter.
I think, can do a try by hook to look for sth. superwoman, save a copy of the earth for their contributions to; I imagine, he is a talented woman, to win glory for the country in international competition; I imagine, I can be a wealth of knowledge, understanding and coexistence of female beauty.
This is unrealistic fantasy I'm full of vanity, autumn such as mother's hand, smiling glide fingertips, hair, face, and that people have a maggot in one's head magic ability.
I do not know why, I have thought of all text, if I were a focus only on the beauty and love a woman, I will look down upon these demanding fee brain brain activity. Said to me, read a book, not to wear beautiful clothes, in the mountain river swayed all, Baiyun what I feel, but is a not inviting scenery, the grass is green, but the green plants, river water, but is making our atmosphere.
If I were a focus only on the appearance of woman, who buy a home in the classics, will put it away unheeded, do not look, just for the sake of others come to my house, I saw a few years like a day of new book, the heart will admire me points. For me, reading a book, rather than read a man, dressed in their costumes, Gao Jie shiny suit, so, he must be a life of men; if, for my temperament, at my pomegranate group, offering perfumes and flowers, my heart than reading I do not know a famous book to be excited by many happy times.
If I am a superwoman, pants, wearing a red, a blue shawl, see bad people behave in a vicious and unrestrained way way, must come forward to give him a heavy blow, the daily task, is to uphold justice, good and evil, which has time to read books, even if it is a thin book magazine, may see the half time then, lost in the side, too tired and fell asleep.


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