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12 Feb 2014
Night already deep, heavy traffic on the street during the day busy street, now only a few cars still go forward. An ordinary residential building, an upstairs Ye Mingzheng staggered on the stairs to see tonight, should also drink a lot of wine. The old residents staircases used for lighting lamps have bad about, Ye Ming circumspect fumbling with handrail coming up the stairs slowly, for fear of accidentally falls below what the. Fumbled, came to the door of his house, Ye Ming took the key to open the door, probably because of drunk on sake, no key is always the key mouth. Ye Mingnong's impatience, direct force of the knock on the door. The room soon came a burst of rapid footsteps, not for a while, a clothes woman opened the door. She yawned, messy hair, very is be in the blues. Open the door to see is leaf clearly drunk like, immediately, hurriedly to hold the leaf Mingjin the house sat on the sofa in the living room.Headphone Amp Is Incredible In Electronic Devices
Fu Ye Ming sat down, she hurried into the kitchen a cup of strong tea, holding out on the table before Ye Ming: "quick drink wine, wake up. This project if I couldn't get it off, even if the bar! If the body is broken, it can be The loss outweighs the gain.."
Ye Ming drank tea, gradually clear: "hey! I don't think so. But this project but tens of millions of large projects, how can say give it up. But, then again. I'm in the business field also fought for so many years, also see a lot of people, but also for the first time met so difficult to get people." Then, Ye Ming and some uncomfortable cough a few.
The woman immediately patted Ye Ming back, concerns and said: "you see you, say, or the body. This should not be, and broke the body, how can this be good."
Took a few behind, Ye Ming is comfortable, and said: "go to this step, who also don't want to just like giving up. This plant director, officer is not small, bureaucratic airs. However, as long as he is a person, there is always a way."
"This Miao secretary, exactly what position. How to make him a project so difficult? Arguably, in the mix, should know the way!" Said the woman some doubts.
Ye Mingkao on the sofa, at this time, he is also a lot of clear: "official circles me.but, innocent again a few? May be we the gift, not enough weight! People look not on exhibition Hong Kong."
"Ye ming! We sent the alcohol gift also many, the poor did not put their own passbook handed over. This person how so unreasonable." Some complain that woman.
Ye Mingyao shook his head, went on to say: "send these things, do not cheap, really a lot of people will be happy to accept. However, he seems to really do. Wife. You know, the day I send tobacco last time, he just to say a few words, tobacco and alcohol quickly away to. I think it should be about the same, but I inadvertently noticed, that drawer him cigarettes, can be a lot of good smoke. People ah, see these things, already be accustomed to."
"What should we do? Always can't just give up? How to say, you have a lot of work for the project." The woman said care-laden.
Ye Ming this time, but don't worry about it: "today please to have a meal, nor no harvest. Those so-called friends from his mouth, I know Miao secretary is a special love of people, especially like the jade."
The woman knew what else: "Ye Ming! You don't want to put that to him? But the thing you are descended from Jiabao!"
Ye Ming subconsciously touched his head: "I couldn't think of anything else, is to give the thing to Miao secretary. Though it is an antique, but the market price than how the revenue. If so, might as well take it bet I can get this project."
The second day early in the morning, Ye Ming went out, the hand has been packed in ordinary bag jade buddha. As usual, Miao secretary is not a good person, but this time Ye Ming about, about the Miao secretary, is exceeding one's expectations smoothly. About two people in a teahouse, the teahouse Ye Mingxian came to the teahouse, overflowing fragrance into the nostril, Ye Ming suddenly feeling gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. Of course Ye Ming no more delay, upstairs quickly came to a corner of the table, sitting in the seat waiting for the arrival of the director of seedlings. Miao secretary is in a meeting now, may have to wait a long time. Of course, such a situation for Ye Ming is too It is quite common for the. Maybe at the beginning, Ye Ming always complained about, some does not adapt. But live at such a young age, something Ye Ming also the see saw.The composition of the plastic bags


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