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10 Mar 2014
Professional copywriting is what makes the difference between successful content and just more filler that seems to permeate the market today. Although higher-priced advertising and marketing options weed poor writing out in most cases, the internet is not a good example of where quality is king.

Let's look at it this way. If you were meeting a hot prospect for a sales meeting, would you want to meet them at a hot dog stand or in a nice restaurant? Which conveys your quality better?

Of course you'd choose the good restaurant. But how about this: would you show up in jeans and a T-shirt or a suit? What impression do you want to give your prospect? As Polonius said, "The clothes make the man." To draw this analogy further, "The words make the business."

Your content, be it your website, your ad, your press release, a technical paper or a mailer gives your potential customer their first impression of your company and what you're offering. Do you want them to think that you spent $5 to write that information or do you want them to be impressed by your thousand-dollar marketing piece?

You get out of it what you put into it

The reason that you shouldn't spend $5 for professional copywriting, aside from the fact that a $5 piece of writing will not really be professional, is that you want the quality of what you say to bring in quality customers. Professional copywriting is an investment in your future, your profits and your reputation.

Let's look at it this way. If you wanted to create a website that would convert visitors into paying customers, what is that worth? If, over the course of the next year, your website generated $50,000 in business for you, what would you pay for that privilege?

Do you think paying a guy $5 per page to write the content for this site would really bring in $50,000? What if instead you found a talented professional copywriter who charged you $1,000 for the site's content. Does that sound like a lot? It's only 2% of the site's annual revenue. And what about next year?

These numbers are just examples, but hopefully it illustrates the point. Just in case, however, let's look at the opposite results. Let's say you paid the $5 per page guy and you got all 10 pages of your website for $50. What do you really think the result on your visitors will be? How many sales do you lose because this cheap guy simply went and re-wrote somebody else's poor content? He has to, who can make a living at $5 unless they do each page in 15 minutes?


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