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05 Jul 2011
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 6th, avoids insolation: As a result of the pearl including certain moisture, should place the pearl the shade, avoids as far as possible under the sunlight the direct radiation, or puts in the too dry place, in order to avoid pearl dehydration. the

7, against hard objects blow: Must deposit alone the pearl jewelry,tahitian pearl in order to avoid other jewelry abrasion pearl cerebral cortex.

If you planned that wears the bead chain above clothes, clothes' quality of material should better be slides softly. The too rough clothing material will possibly blow spends your precious pearl.

8, keep flat depositing: Do not hang up for a long time the bead chain, day one long time, the silk thread can relax distorts, should its keep flat collection.
9, pearl rings: When except under pearl ring, holds finger ring's handle department or the metal part, do not use the bead to do receives the strength the place,south sea pearl like this may avoid the pearl loosening to yours supporting plane, also prevents in your hand's contamination and the skin secretion oil mounts on the bead.

the 10, periodic inspections, 3 years trade the line: The silk thread long easy to have loosened, but 1~2 years one time deliver me to take charge of the maintenance regularly to be clean, whether the inspection silk thread does loosen, and helps the replacement silk thread; the 3 years trades the line:

The pearl should better every 3 years string together one time, certainly must regard clothing's number of times to decide. Enters the bead eyelet the contamination to be able to have the frictional force, is broken off, the position stress close knot's place which the nylon line breaks off.

in West's fable, the view is beautiful god Venus is born in the shell, when the shell opens, dripped down the dew from her body to turn a grain of glittering and translucent carving pearl. The renaissance, renowned painter Botticelli in "Venus Birth" in a picture, puts in the goddess above leaf of giant Bei Ye, from under water, the water drop which the goddess exposes forms a grain of pearl slowly,freshwater pearl does not have the flaw pure white, crystal clear eye-catching.

The Dane pulls the pearl and the mermaid in the same place, the mermaid misses prince, but do not, shed tears lovesickness place, is protected collects in the fritillaria freshwater mussel, the time, the tear turned a pearl steadily. in ancient India, the people believed that the pearl is transforms by Zhu Shen with dawn in dew becomes; Persia's myth thought that the symbolic light and the hope pearl, is turns by various god tear;

But the roman simply draws in the pearl formation with God of Love Venus the relations, when the fable the God of Love from filled the froth the oyster shell to bathe finishes, when walked, on his/her body trickled water drop the moving brilliance which is sent out by the God of Love congeals the flash pearl. The Chinese folk also has “the millennium freshwater mussel essence, feels the month to live the bead”,pearl factory “the dew drop to become the bead” and so on views.

From the myth to the fable, the pearl has been considered is Zhu Shen gives the earth the gift, in fact, besides ascends the sky the gracious gift to make the explanation, also really difficult to let the human believe that an ordinary oyster in this way may breed the perfect treasure unexpectedly in this way. However, the modern science indicated that the pearl produces in certain mollusk like Baidiebei, zhu pearl oysters class and so on female shell (pearloyster), because the shell in the foreign matter permeating shell becomes “the bead embryo” to form the beaded pellet. This kind of beaded pellet along with roll on, will become more and more big pearl because of the freshwater mussel secretion package.

Therefore, the pearl oyster is generally speaking older, the pearl is also bigger, therefore always has “gives birth to a child in old age” saying.


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