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11 Jul 2011
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The national capital gold market “pursues rises” “the buy-back” all hot , although the present gold rate still in the top digit, the consumer invested the gold to have certain risk, but the consumer purchases the gold the enthusiasm not to drop, Beijing gold consumer market invests the gold bar the sale to be very hot. But also has the consumer to borrow the high price “the east wind”,discount fashion jewellery gets rid in abundance hand's in gold in kind the realization, fall the bag peacefully.

on July 6, the international on-hand merchandise gold opening price amounts to 1515.14 US dollars/ounces, from May 2, after gold refurbishing 1577 US dollars/ounce high prices, international gold price continuously in top digit shake. Reporter visits Beijing market to discover that is borrowing the high price “the east wind”, the partial consumers “pursue rise” the purchase, but some low prices buy the gold the consumer in abundance gets rid of hand's in gold in kind the realization, causes the gold service to become at present Beijing each Dajindian, to pawn and the related profession most has “the gold content” the service.

the consumer “falls the bag while the high price “300 gram heavy gold bar which last year bought for peaceful” , at that time each grams more than 260 Yuan, return to the purchase price according to the present 305 Yuan, my each gram could make more than 40 Yuan.”Just a realization gold bar's resident Mr. Zhang told reporter, looks that now the quotation is good, he thought that “fall the bag to peacefully”.

 In addition in the Chinese Gold Xidan Shop, investor Mr. Ma just the buy-back 500 grams had invested the gold, he told the reporters, this gold bar buys the price before this spring festival is 275 Yuan/grams, by present's current price on market, the elimination procedure expense,golden south sea pearl net gains about 10,000 Yuan.

“because this year gold price has been in the top digit, the gold realization service receives the investor to pursue holds, the realization peak has continued from 45 months until now.”The China pawn shop planning department is responsible for the brown bear wisdom tell reporter, is strong along with the gold rate, pawn shop realization price also when production costs rise, prices rise too, this is the investor “craves” the realization primary cause. According to Xiong Zhi introduced that at present in the China pawn shop gold realization price is 295 Yuan/grams, “this price compared with the same time last year high nearly 30% to 40%.”Xiong Zhi said.

“`51 ' the festival from now on, the investment gold bar buy-back service will present the large rise, but the golden accessories buy-back service basic maintenance is stable.”A Chinese Gold Xidan Shop person in charge told the reporters, for the past two months handles buy-back service by 50 grams to 100 grams specifications primarily, also has the few specifications is 500 gram and 1000 gram investment gold bars.

China ICBC precious metal sale buy-back center Yue 皞 indicated that recently the gold rate and last year compared the rise to be big, started from 45 months to the present still to be in the top digit vibration time, many investors felt perhaps the present is the buy-back realization benefit maximization gold time.

 in the execution same monthly interest rate situation,Pearl Jewelry at present the gold price rise lets each service “the gold content” enhance greatly. Reporter found that in the scale big pawn shop, the gold service can occupy the entire goods for civilian use service more than 50%.Reporter realization channel multiplication visits found that the buy-back demand which increases day by day in view of the investor, some banks and the goldsmith shop adjust the former buy-back policy in abundance, the gold realization channel even more multiplex.

before this, including the bank, the goldsmith shop gold product sale organization when carries on the gold buy-back only recognizes “oneself brand”, has created many troubles to the investor. However, gold buy-back channel's unimpeded which will promote along with the Commerce bank and the Everbright Bank, gold buy-backs and so on product like gold bar, gold ornament all “will not ask the source”, has brought more conveniences for the consumer.

Reporter in Beijing Commerce bank precious metal sale buy-back center found that this center's buy-back scope invests the gold bar from the original ICBC brand to expand to all pure golds (i.e. gold quality is 99%) and the above gold product, has made a connection with the gold product from the investment to the realization completely the mobile link.

it is reported that even if time the customer purchase's certificate, the small note, the product certificate and so on related proof loses, so long as through the examination can the buy-back. This broke in the former gold buy-back service the Commercial bank only to recognize oneself brand the limit, simultaneously regarding the buy-back gold product packing, the receipt and so on had the strict request limit also not to exist.

“according to the present plan, the daily morning brilliant will announce the same day gold rate through the general headquarters, the buy back price will be outward each embezzlement eliminates 12 Yuan to 14 Yuan in this price foundation.”Everbright Bank Beijing Branch managing finances Consultant Mr. Chang said that after service development, no matter were the gold accessories, each kind of investment gold product, so long as were equipment examination qualified gold product this line may give the buy-back.

“the pawn shop recycling price is relatively low, the investor wants the realization the words, is not worthwhile.

”An anonymous professional expressed. At present, Beijing Pawn shop's gold purchase price also goldsmith shop returns to the purchase price eight tenths, by no means in market condition mainstream gold realization channel. , regarding the buy-back gold's variety, the pawn shop too has not limited, no matter is the gold bar, the gold brick or the gold necklace, the golden bangle all receives, the procedure is also simple, basically may be possible to take at once. At the same time, the buy-back gold only needs the simple examination generally in the pawn shop, does not need to melt. In gold quality aspect, majority of gold product purity, so long as achieves two 9 to be possible.

other, reporter reminds has the buy-back demand consumer, because some banks and the goldsmith shop regarding products and so on gold accessories can only use the destructive examination method examination, if the gold product's quality is insufficient, after the customer can only take back the melt the gold product, is unable to return to original state before the examination shape.


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