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25 Jul 2011
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 LED the light environment is the plant growth grows one of essential important physical environmental factors in culture of plants's application , the transmitted light nature adjustment, control adult plant morphogenesis is a facility cultivation domain important technology. 

As the fourth generation of new lighting source, LED has many are different with other electro-optic light characteristic (Table 1), this also causes it to become the energy conservation environmental protection photo source the first choice. Applies also displays the following characteristic in plant raise domain LED:LED Spot Lights The wave length type rich, just right and the plant light synthesis and the light morphogenesis's spectral region tallies;

The frequency spectrum wave width half width, may defer to needs to combine obtains the pure monochromatic light and the composite spectrum; May concentrate the specific wave length the light to shine the crops balanced; Not only may adjust the crops to blossom with solid, moreover can also control high and plant's nutrient content; The system gives off heat few, takes the space to be small, may use in the multi-layered cultivation three-dimensional composite system,led tube light has realized the low heat load and the production space miniaturization;

In addition, its extra-heavy durability also reduced the run cost. As a result of these remarkable characteristics, LED suits applies in the controllable facility environment the culture of plants, like the Plant tissue raises, the installation horticulture and the factorization grows seedlings with astronautics ecology lives guarantees the system and so on.

LED applies in plant facility cultivation research for the past ten years, When these gentle LED lamp according to cheap evening dressesThat puts on evening dresses you will appear more beautiful moving,Is your conceivable LED lamp shines in shoes that will be very sexy our country installation horticulture area development is rapid, plant growth's light environmental control lighting techniques already brought to the attention. The installation horticulture lighting techniques mainly apply in two aspects: First, in sunshine quantity few or sunshine time short time takes the plant photosynthesis the supplement illumination; Second, takes the plant photoperiod, the light morphogenesis induction illumination.
1st, LED has too many quantity of heats as the plant photosynthesis supplement illumination's research tradition artificial photo source, if uses the LED supplement illumination and the water cultivates the system, the air can by the recycle, excessively many quantity of heats and the moisture may by the detachment, the electrical energy be able to transform highly effective into the effective photosynthesis radiation,cheap women shoesTherefore we must look for a pair suits from already shoes carefully Jewelry's ray cannot leave the LED lamp's illumination. transforms finally as the plant material. The research indicated:

Uses the LED illumination, the greens growth rate, the photosynthesis speed enhances above 20%, uses in the plant factory LED is feasible. The research discovered that compares with the fluorescent lamp, the mix wave length's LED photo source can obviously promote the spinach, the radish and the greens growth, enhances the shape target;

Can cause the beet biology accumulation quantity to be biggest, in the hair root the beet element accumulates obviously, and produces the highest sugar in the hair root to divide and the starch accumulation. Compares with the metal halogenate lamp, grows in conforms to under the wave length LED pepper,cheap fashion je welryLED and the jewelry relations likely the Water and fish the perilla adult plant, his/her stem, leaf's anatomy morphogenesis remarkable change, and enhances along with the light density, adult plant's photosynthesis speed enhancement. Compound wave length's LED may cause the aztec marigold and the sage two kind of plant's blowhole number increases.


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