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16 Mar 2015
If you have a dream, you want to become scientists or what? I used to think is very simple, just one of you, and all the people like ordinary, paid to enjoy endowment, not to talk about a vigorous love, don't go wonky Road, but no waves without wind, a people in.
However, I met a person today, I know what is the real dream, know the distance between dreams and reality where, and listen to in the ear but such as waves surging in my heart electric motor manufacturers, for a long time do not know their own hands the pen to continue to record, so I opened the phone started recording.
"I have a dream, I want to use my strength to build a peaceful city, in the city people like Utopia, wide Jishan pleasure, you see beauty because beauty is everywhere." This is Huang Ling honour villagers' representative Chen Liangquan said in an interview, saying this time he smiled inclined looked out of the window, the mist Colocation Service, in an unbroken line peaks seemed to be his firm portrayal, green represents hope, he smiled wide, full of longing.
Chen Liangquan is known as the "modern Xu Xiake" cavalry hero, alone with a motorcycle opened around the world trip, thirteen years has traveled to 335, city, state, union, he won the public's attention by unremittingly and unique charm. For ordinary people, due to his only interest, do a lot of fever Alice might do it, but not all of the Alice is Chen Liangquan, but in fact around for him is not far from the dream. Dream? In his words, is "people dream to not harm other great things" so simple a well spoken humor teacher began to tell me in the realization of peace Station Road on his harm anecdotes.
Mr. Chen has traveled to 93 countries, across 7 desert, across 3 continents. In the 29 year journey suffered war, looting, natural disaster, or even be snatched from the jaws of death in a car accident reenex. He is a father, his responsibility in the eyes of everyone is none other than the daughter's education, seek the occupation, waiting for a hundred years, can do this is enough. But that's not Chen Liangquan, in the good name and complete condemned him to have a career, doomed his footsteps again to step into the world.
Yes, Miss Chen in Huang Ling stay is a beautiful accident, but he put Huang Ling as a post base is not an accident. Chen teacher said Huang Ling is a let a person enchanted place, surrounded by mountains, post construction with the lay of the land, the mountains of the hospitality of the villagers do not go out, Yishanbangshui vitality is our pursuit of the concept of post. He said to Huang Ling for so long, the body tired get a comfort to ease the mind borrow and release was bigger, the mountain the simple villagers industrious daughter support and accumulate strength all teachers were cured, in April this year to open new journey.
Chen to continue eastward to Korea Japan United States, to walk the 160 countries reached after the well-known, learning in a tough trip and accumulation, he said firmly, I have to get the Nobel peace prize, established the Peace Fund, holding back construction fund, which did not hurry to run outside, outside people, looking forward to rush in, I will not drive away those lost people, as long as give up the wrong to accept my baptism have enjoy peace in the city of treatment. When he said that enraptured, special travel service fluctuated, as if the 19 pigeons to fly, in this full of rippling blue waves of the mountains, as if the teacher blueprint today started here.


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