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01 Aug 2011
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 With markets and so on big business carries on the strategic echelon to cooperate the brand to have the echelon, the marketing channel also has the corresponding echelon naturally.

In the evening, Austria Kang Jiu and Dalian big business group and so on domestic high-end market has signed the strategy cooperative agreement, according to the agreement, both sides will refer to own brand and the market different localization carries on the echelon women shoes it is known that in recent years, along with the market change, the consumer unceasingly subdivided, the market has also made the corresponding adjustment, no longer was one kind industry condition fights for state power, divides very many kind of patterns: Top general merchandise, upscale general merchandise, common general merchandise and business ultra, condition attracts, detains the different power of consumption through the combination industry the crowd.

For instance the wheat triumphant music is the big business group's upscale high-quality goods popular general merchandise, new Ma Te has the SHOPPINGMALL idea shopping mall, in addition has the big business and so on chain-like supermarket. the different scale industry condition needs to introduce the different scale the brand and the product, but the Austria Kang's multi-brands,south sea pearls the multi-scale product strategy conforms to this channel trend of development.

after “, Austria Kang serves under somebody's banner the GB such high-end brand to be possible to move into the big business the wheat triumphant music, the Austria Kang brand moves into new Ma to be special, but Kang Long and the red flamingo brand may enter the chain-like business ultra.”

Before this to reporter explained the Austria Kang brand echelon constructs the advantage the marketing service person in charge explained specifically anything is the echelon cooperation, “adaptation demand, then creation demand, this is the retail trade sustained development truth.”

Recently, in Jordan, flew the gram, to be happy brand shoes business in and so on dragon factories, many brushed the shoes rubber the worker took off the respirator, said goodbye has choked nose's smell.

Was not they transformed the operating post, but was the enterprise replaced the shoes material bond. Cleans the international trade barrier, wholesale costume jewellery to increase the product added value, to build good working conditions for the shoe manufacturer worker ......Changes the greasy rubber for the river character rubber revolution soon in the Quanzhou shoes industry detonation. “the replacement river character rubber must experience the long period for adaptation?”

“compares with the traditional greasy rubber, the use river character rubber agglutination shoes material, a production line may save 4 workers.”Recently, “the Jinjiang shoes material bond profession peak forum” on, great wild goose star Ke, Jordan, flew the gram and so on many brand enterprise people in charge to exchange the near future to innovate the shoes material bond the experience and puzzled.

Says goodbye to rank smell Recording: Compares with the traditional greasy rubber, the river character rubber has what performance-to-price ratio superiority?

Bear: In the shoe manufacturer use greasy rubber's factory district, is covering for a long time by the ill-smelling volatile gas, these shoe manufacturers have the massive organic solvents to discharge every year the atmosphere, after organic solvent atmospheric penetration, possibly forms the massive photochemical smogs and the acid rain and so on.

Comparatively, the use river character rubber's factory district actually may in exchaust gas system's situation, not achieve the odourlessness,Tahitian pearl environmental protection. Speaking of the consumer, the river character rubber agglutination's shoe no longer includes the massive volatile organic solvent, puts on a more comfortable health. Wu: Because the greasy rubber is thicker thickly, before the worker agglutinates every time shoes, needs to brush two times, and spreads the resistance to be big.

After use river character rubber, the worker only need brush one time can agglutinate stably the shoe sole and the instep, not only this reduced worker's working strength, also has saved the employing labor cost for the enterprise.

Take this enterprise as the example, after the use river character rubber, average each assembly line may save 4 workers, 16 assembly lines may save 60 to brush the rubber worker. The reflection in the terminal retail sales, this means that the consumer can buy the environmental protection shoe by a lower price.


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