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18 Aug 2011
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Gold leaf jewelry epoch   Gold rate since long continually rise, as well as occupies the ore namely rich age in this, the gold causes the new pet who *ST becomes the capital market brightly. The gold leaf jewelry through borrows shell going on the market to realize the property securitization platform, thus may cause the company to have more financing opportunities and the financial support, expands the easy childbirth energy, speeds up the construction marketing network, the promotion product popularity and the brand image,cheap wedding dresses obtains the sustained development capital.

  The gold leaf jewelry belongs to the gold manufacture profession, Chairman Wang Zhiwei is establishes the brand sustainable development in line with the good faith the foundation, undergoes several year development, many years are evaluated continuously by the National Quality testing Bureau “the Chinese name brand”, in addition, the gold leaf jewelry also had the honor to receive has included “China gold,cheap women's shoes silver and jewelry name brand”, “the China jewellery ornaments industry famous brand”, “Chinese Gold Association Vice-chairman the Unit”, “the Chinese Precious jade Stone Association Executive member of the council Unit”, “the Guangdong famous brand goods”, “the enterprise credit status AAA level credit enterprise” and so on numerous titles of honor.

  Our country gold, silver and jewelry class total volume of retail sales started from 2003 to enter the fast growth stage, in the recent five years made a round trip gather the rate of increment to surpass 20%. Although at the end of 2008 at the beginning of 2009 gold rate fluctuation is fierce, the global gold demand presents the drop nearly, only had mainland China to appear monthly has reached as high as 70% about compared to the same period the peak. Our country present gold jewellery ornaments expend entered a high speed development the stage, becomes after the housing, automobile's third big consumption hot spot, under this profession booming boost, the gold leaf jewelry development was rapid, has formed aspect and so on channel, management, brand,cheap fashion jewelry original design and processing technology competitive advantages, and established depending on this in the jewellery ornaments profession leading position, synthesis competitive ability enhanced unceasingly, profit ability strengthened gradually.  

 The gold leaf jewelry 2008 year, 2009 year, 2010 year and the business income respectively are 316,000,000 Yuan, 580,000,000 Yuan, 635,000,000 Yuan. The net profit respectively is 3,537,000 Yuan, 23,837,000 Yuan, 87,419,500 Yuan. 2009 year and 2010 year grow 574% separately compared to the same period, 267%, continue to assume the geometric series rise. 95 investment pledge's gold leaf jewelry in 2011 realizes the net profit not to be lower than 138,000,000 Yuan, in 2012 is not lower than 200,000,000 Yuan. If has not been able to achieve, then 95 investments make up the net profit difference part by the monetary fund for to be listed, the profit will guarantee a minimum the pledge to manifest 95 investments to the gold leaf jewelry in the future the high speed development confidence.

The gold leaf jewelry in 2011 will enlarge the floating capital by the parent company injection, simultaneously, the gold processing imported materials service's growth, increased company's goods in stock reserves, in satisfies the company current shop outside the supply,wholesale fashion jewellery enables the company to have ability to carry on the expansion in throughout the land the secondary market, this will bring the sales volume the absolute increase.  

 The gold rate will climb successively will give *ST to bring a good external environment brightly, but the gold minerals poured into the pledge to provide the resources guarantee for the company, more importantly, *ST had the good managed capacity brightly, to aspect and so on channel, brand, design control abilities, will cause the company under the gold entire industry chain's help, will hold the superiority status in the future competition. *ST resumes going on the market brightly, will certainly to bring the good repayment to the investor.


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