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29 Aug 2011
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The inexpensive swim suit many are three does not have the product Arrives at the abundant Chinese market immediately, in several general merchandise thing shop, many merchants has started swim suit business. Each kind of design's swim suit, the swimming mirror, the swim ring suspend at the conspicuous position.

Visits the discovery,cheap evening dresses here swim suit basic below 40-50 Yuan, a section of cheapest gentleman swimming trunks marked price is 5 Yuan. “these things you not use the month, the price was also cheap, puts on several times has discarded.”Some shop owners said. Takes up several swim suits to examine conveniently that discovers some cheap swim suits, although the color is gorgeous, but the lining is very mostly thin, works roughly.

On the majority swim suit labels indicates “the lining” a fence to indicate “the polyamide fiber 80%, the ammonia black silk ribbon 20%”, shop boss said: “the swim suit basic is this lining, cheap, the expensive swim suit such writes.”discount costume jewellery Because the swim suit has the needed materials to be few, the craft relatively simple characteristic, produces the swim suit mostly is a small workshop at present, but famous brand swim suit in market extremely rare, this also caused the entire market swim suit quality to be low.

Sharpens vigilance selects and purchases the certified product Because the swim suit is the next to the skin thing, the inferior goods archery target swim suit not only easy to damage, will also injure the skin, the service life will be also short. The swim suit has the related profession standard, generally the general swim suit lining is the ammonia black silk ribbon occupies 18%-20%, the polyamide fiber accounts for about 80%.

The city consumer association staff pointed out that chooses when the swim suit selects and purchases some regular factories as far as possible the product, on the swim suit must have the plant name factory site. Regarding these ultra low price swim suit,South Sea Pearls the consumer must sharpen vigilance, the discrete purchase, chooses as far as possible has the certificate of conformity product, suggested that the consumer should better arrive at regular market purchase labelling to be complete, quality safe reliable swim suit.

The Chinese hemp spins the profession association in “35” the development summary to propose that must the domestic demand and for sale abroad structural adjustment be 1:1 proportion. The Chinese hemp spins profession association president to permit pointed out propitiously that the hemp spins the enterprise to make for sale abroad in the situation, 50% use in selling internally, 50% use in exporting. Does well the product development and the brand creativity design is expands the domestic demand the way that must be taken.

Since, wholesale fashion jewellery Hunan Hua Sheng the group has had the stable foreign trade market, its China grass product mainly sells to Europe, Japan and so on developed country, was the making to order high-quality evening dress and the high-quality fashionable clothing's ideal lining, the product has contained the male female attire and so on many categories. The Hua Sheng group is our country first batch agriculture industrial production high quality hemp spinning and weaving raw material plants the base, has the abundant ramie origin.

To unearth and the promotion China grass's value fully, lets “the Chinese grass” carry forward for the carrier Chinese hemp culture,LED strip lights the Hua Sheng group full use material control and the textile processing's superiority, has established the Hunan Hua Sheng clothing Limited liability company January, 2010. The Hua Sheng clothing's establishment is the Hua Sheng group from a pure foreign trade enterprise inward foreign trade union enterprise development reforming exploration.

The Hua Sheng clothing by the China grass textile fiber primarily, carries on many kinds of natural fiber the integrated innovations, China grass's natural fiber and other cotton and kapok, the silk, the wool carries on the integrated innovation, enables each kind of textile fiber the function supplementary.


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