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03 Oct 2011
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Present situation and trend of development   1. the supplies are relatively surplus, the competition is intense, from now on the development speed will reduce. from 1996 to 2000 travelled the hotel industry altogether to increase 354,000 guest rooms, the average annual rate of growth was 12.39%, but same time's source of tourists rate of increment was 4.0%. Because supply exceeds demand, causes between the hotel enterprise to compete excessively. The national hotel's average letting rate and the profit margin dropped year by year from 1996 to 1998, in 1998 started to present the entire profession loss. 1998.

  1999.2000 year three year amount of loss respectively is 4,556,000,000, 5,364,000,000 and 2,643,000,000 Yuan. This kind of situation. Has contained the new investment,Catering Service forces the hotel industry the scale expansion speed to reduce, simultaneously proposed that controls the hotel total quantity, to improve the hotel quality and so on strategic question.

  2. the hotel industry recent development investment roll-call west moves gradually and optimizes the region structure.

  Because the Chinese mid-west area has the richer tourist resources, simultaneously, the country successively has released a series of development mid-west measure, a part of hotel investment will have the possibility from the eastern part, the south area to change the mid-west area. Along with the mid-west economy's further development as well as tourist resources' further development, the mid-west hotel industry will further develop, becomes the Chinese hotel industry newly, the most hopeful growth region. Overall speaking, the coastal developed area each city traveling hotel's total quantity and the scale achieved the very high level, the middle area development has been rapid, might achieve a high level hopefully in near 3 years, the bottleneck is mainly the western area.

 3. the upscale hotel's managerial and administrative expertise will continue with the international trail connection, will develop diligently has the international level efficient hotel to become the new tendency. As to the competition domain, in the upscale hotel domain, the foreign capital hotel will continue will maintain the superiority, the domestic capital hotel mostly concentrates in the low-grade domain. But in the low-grade domain, the foreign capital hotel has not taken the action. Will have the international level efficient hotel to become competes in the future and the construction key point.

The economy hotel is the foreign hotel group's attention spot. Chinese tourism development forecast which according to the travel agency does,Google TV remote to 2020, the entry over night tourist is 9500 - 139,000,000 people, the average annual rate of growth is 5.7%-7.75%. The International Traveling Organization carries on the prospect to forecast that thought to 2020, the whole world will have 1,600,000,000 international tourists, China will have 130,000,000 tourist entries, becomes in the world the first big entry country. On this tendency, the foreign hotel group has settled on China's efficient hotel has the potential point of growth.

Along with paid holiday's implementation, traffic conditions' improvement, the populace income level's enhancement, the domestic traveling rapidly expand, the domestic visitor already became the hotel noticeable source of tourists. In the future the demand tendency will be the repair simple, clean hygienic, the facility convenience, the price moderate economy hotel will become the hotel industry type which the domestic tourist will regard.

In the quality, the service, the upscale hotel meets the need basically, but low-grade hotel quantity, although are many, but is very far with the international standard difference. This kind of situation, with international, the domestic efficient source of tourists's growth movement does not tally.

China has more than 240,000 major and medium lodging facilities and so on wineshops, guesthouse, boarding house, about 10,000 is the star-level hotel, accounts for 4%. More than 230,000, 96% above lodging facility has not entered the star-level evaluation scope. Here, most is, the wineshop. Therefore, transforms extant, the wineshop, causes it to conform to the international standard, this is the key point which the future hotel profession will construct.

  4. the state-owned hotel is separated from the original investment department, the transformation question increases, the guard risk's work more and more is more important.


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