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11 Oct 2011
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  Apple incumbent CEO Cook: Next Qiaobusi?   in 1998, Qiaobusi invited Cook to join the apple, was responsible for the Apple Computer manufacture service.   Cook is the Alabama person, the university majors in the industrial engineering, and has obtained Duke University (Duke University) the MBA degree degree. Before joining the apple, Cook once held public office in International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) and the Compaq Computer Company (Compaq Computer Corp.). Compaq presently possesses for HP (Hewlett-Packard).

  in 2004, Qiaobusi after cancer of the pancreas surgery recovery period, Cook also once had two months to replace his work temporarily. Afterward, Qiaobusi gave the apple whole world sale and the Mac computer department Cook to be responsible. in 2005, Cook is appointed chief transports for the apple the battalion commander. in 2009, Qiaobusi taking sick leave period, Cook replaces his work temporarily once more.

Qiaobusi walked, if before Cook takes over Qiaobusi no matter what time apple CEO, the words which after industry in thinks the apple to enter, the Qiaobusi time is also too early (, because at that time also hearsay said that Qiaobusi will also continue by trustee's status participation apple business), then after the present has lost Qiaobusi apple was actually enters really, Qiaobusi time.

In industry in and the user mourns Qiaobusi departs, they care do not have Qiaobusi, the apple also to be able to continue magnificently? By match surmounting?hong kong attractions These days already had the related commentary to think that will lose Qiaobusi apple to move toward the decline, will not look like at least before were such magnificent. Regarding this was puts out Qiaobusi to die the preceding day of apple iPhone4S issue proof apple innovation already to touch goes against, much less the present did not have Qiaobusi.

Then actually what is an enterprise's magnificence? Or the extension is magnificent? The author thought leaves at least in Qiaobusi, he has left behind iPhone and iPad, because these two services occupied apple earning big, and an impetus apple's stock price group flutters rises, and ends in the global market value highest enterprise. The author believed whether the weight apple will continue the magnificent main basis to think these two services in future performance. Under actually, Qiaobusi commands the apple to arrive today, under the so-called industry in understanding's Qiaobusi-like innovation not was too as if already realistic on iPhone and iPad. For example just issued after iPhone4S and iPad3. Therefore industry, including the apple, its future innovation standard and the innovation meaning will change.

Has a look at apple iPhone4S which first just issued, although industry in the negative commentary are many, but it compares compared with before iPhone4, many innovations and the luminescent spot (the author did not understand really industry in anticipated iPhone actually what is considered as on innovation). For example hardware's promotion, software's renewal as well as quite receives the high praise the speech recognition software system and so on.

Before the author,Hong Kong seo pr wrote the document analysis, no longer gives unnecessary detail in this. But according to AT& T Friday announced that after opening iPhone 4S sells in advance, its 12 hour's reservation quantity has surpassed 200,000, but iPhone 4S also becomes AT& T sells in advance most successful iPhone, obviously, the consumer is extremely high regarding the iPhone 4S demand. Certainly, actually whether to surpass initial period iPhone and the iPhone4 sale also waits for observing, no matter but whether to surmount, regarding had already been taken to the threshing ground 4 year long time iPhone, moreover is iPhone4S not in the situation which favors, still presented the so irritable reservation to let its matches be able not hold a candle.

Spoke of the match, iPhone4 had issued 15 months still most have the intelligent handset which the competitive power and most received welcome, but after iPhone4S issue, without doubt will let the apple continue this kind of superiority, but ahead of time extrusion, after letting, Tristar and google cooperation newest Samsung Galaxy Nexus going on the market faced with huge pressure. Moreover, is after the iPhone4S issue, the entire iPhone product line price becomes less crowded (iPhone4S to gather agreed price most to be low 199 US dollars, iPhone4 gathers agreed price to fall to 99 US dollars, iPhone3GS gathers agreed price is zero) and supports Sprint to look that the apple market strategy is having the transformation.


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