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13 Dec 2011
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Battery development history

In ancient times,Gaosuibuyou Thailandsolar panels humans may have been constantly in the research and test of the" electric". One is considered to have a history of thousands of years of clay bottles in 1932 in Baghdad were found near the. It has an inserted in a copper cylinder iron bar may be used to store static electricity, however the bottle may never be known.

Regardless of manufacturing the clay bottle ancestors know about static thing, but it is certain that the ancient Greeks knew. They know that if the friction piece of amber, will be able to attract light objects. Aristotle ( Aristotle ) is also known to have a kind of thing,solar modules it is a powerful magnet attracts iron...

06 Dec 2011
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The Qing Dynasty carved ivory parrot, true to life likeness artwork is divided into many categories, ceramics, painting, abstract painting, sculpture, musical instruments, cultural relic sculpture, sandstone, sandstone imitation, ornaments, iron, copper, stainless steel sculpture, art stone, bronze, stainless steel, glass steel, resin, glass, transparent resin, resin, glass, ceramics, porcelain, pottery, ceramics, pottery, pottery, blowing, glass, crystal, crystal, wood carving, black flower, flower, relief ... ...

Art uses a wide range of rare works of art, for the collection, with the interior furnishings accessories to this one requirement, with art as the soft decoration is becoming more and more popular. Whether...

28 Nov 2011
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Good reputation
In those days, the tower of Arabia [1 ] just opened when, the reporter was one of the guests, here, she felt before
Lugger Hotel ( 40 ) of any quality of service. She returned home, in the newspaper praised the Arabia tower is a luxury and excellent service, finally said:" I can't find any words to describe it, only 7 star to give it a rating, in the out of the ordinary." Since then, the free ads all over the world.

Dubai Arabia United Arab Emirates in the second big city. Nineteen ninties, develop tourism energetically. Due to the high-quality environment and rich and colorful culture ( 83% of the population are foreigners ), visitors to Dubai as a model, artist,poly bag...

22 Nov 2011
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Modern wood furniture with solid wood and veneer is also a lot of Guangdong, the common market is as follows:
1 black walnut, walnut wood in the best quality one, mainly from North America and europe.

Homemade hickory, shallow color. Black walnut is light brown with a purple, string section for beautiful large parabolic pattern ( Moku ). Black walnut is very expensive, do furniture usually use veneer, rarely used wood.

2 cherries cherry wood, imported mainly from Europe and North America, wood brown, texture elegant, string section as the medium of parabolic patterns, Nordic has small grain. Cherry wood and high-grade timber, furniture is usually used with solid wood veneer, rarely.

3 beech, the beech is to refer to...

18 Nov 2011
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The basic classification of the liquidation of a company is bankruptcy and liquidation. Bankruptcy liquidation refers to the company fails to pay its due debts case, in accordance with the bankruptcy law of liquidation. Companies act 191st stipulates:" the company is declared bankrupt according to law, in accordance with the law on enterprise bankruptcy bankruptcy liquidation". Non bankruptcy liquidation refers to the company dissolution cases, in accordance with the provisions of the company law of the liquidation. This distinction is the main purpose of company liquidation in accordance with the law of different. Upon termination of the company, if the property is sufficient to repay the debts, the...

14 Nov 2011
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Jewelry coral
Human on coral ( Coral ) use can be traced back to ancient Greece and ancient Rome era. From Mediterranean red coral in Japan at that time was called the Kowatari (" Persian exotic" ), in the Nara period (C. 710-784 ) was introduced to Japan via the silk road. In medieval Europe, coral ( Coral ) is widely used in ritual ornaments and rosary productions. Jewelry coral 1 components: by inorganic and organic matter is composed of two parts.

Inorganic: high magnesium calcite, small amounts of apatite, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, a small amount of water, Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans, hydroxy calcium phosphate
Organic matter: mainly to horny.

2 features: waveform parallel fiber structure

03 Nov 2011
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Distinguishing feature
Topaz crystal materials to distinguish more easily. Topaz columnar crystal surface has vertical stripes, while the crystal is transverse stripes. The end of inlaid jewelry, specific gravity ( feel ) can also be used as the basis to distinguish, topaz in the proportion of 3.49, while the yellow crystal is only about 2.65; in his hands, topaz" fall" hand feeling, crystal light. Of course,jewelry factory Topaz Gemstone shiny soft, while the crystal gloss is a" cold", sharp, and also can distinguish.

Visual distinction Topaz and tourmaline, most importantly the tourmaline has strong two colors, and Topaz in addition to pink, the other colored topaz two colors are weak; in addition, the tourmaline...

24 Oct 2011
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A digital pay television
In a number of media
Central digital TV Limited is the media by CCTV set up investment, by the State Administration of Radio Film and television authorized China pay TV integrated operation center. It is our country the first nationwide coverage, engaged in digital pay channel integration and marketing agent business operations. Ding as the media

Ding digital television media limited company is by the National Administration approved a national digital pay TV integrated operator.dvb t tuners Beijing North Canton media digital television limited, Central People's broadcasting station, Tianjin era Tianchuang Media Development Company Limited, Shandong Province Radio and TV, Anhui...

17 Oct 2011
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The expert is right “the bird nest” appraisal   Appraisal committee president, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Guan Zhaoye appraised that this building any unnecessary processing, all have not had the image because of its function, the architectural style and the structure detail nature are unified.

  The Appraisal committee and many other construction zone experts believed that “the bird nest” will be not only in 2008 the Olympic Games sets up a unique historical landmark,Water slide will also have the groundbreaking significance in the world construction history, will provide the historical testimony for the 21st century's China and the world construction development.   “bird nest”...

11 Oct 2011
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  Apple incumbent CEO Cook: Next Qiaobusi?   in 1998, Qiaobusi invited Cook to join the apple, was responsible for the Apple Computer manufacture service.   Cook is the Alabama person, the university majors in the industrial engineering, and has obtained Duke University (Duke University) the MBA degree degree. Before joining the apple, Cook once held public office in International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) and the Compaq Computer Company (Compaq Computer Corp.). Compaq presently possesses for HP (Hewlett-Packard).

  in 2004, Qiaobusi after cancer of the pancreas surgery recovery period, Cook also once had two months to replace his work temporarily. Afterward, Qiaobusi gave the apple whole world...