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03 Oct 2011
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Present situation and trend of development   1. the supplies are relatively surplus, the competition is intense, from now on the development speed will reduce. from 1996 to 2000 travelled the hotel industry altogether to increase 354,000 guest rooms, the average annual rate of growth was 12.39%, but same time's source of tourists rate of increment was 4.0%. Because supply exceeds demand, causes between the hotel enterprise to compete excessively. The national hotel's average letting rate and the profit margin dropped year by year from 1996 to 1998, in 1998 started to present the entire profession loss. 1998.

  1999.2000 year three year amount of loss respectively is 4,556,000,000, 5,364,000,000 and 2,643,000,000...

19 Sep 2011
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in 2010 the Chinese lamps and lanterns export presents unprecedentedness growth movement, Zhejiang Province occupies the big end. Zhejiang Province is our country illuminates the lamps and lanterns mainly to export the region, according to the customs statistics, the first third quarter Zhejiang Province exports lamps and lanterns 1,780,000,000 US dollars, compared with the same time last year (similarly hereinafter) grows 38%, its export main feature is as follows:

First, the monthly value of exports creates historical new high. Since April, the Zhejiang Province lamps and lanterns export scale continual 6 months month by month have climbed, in September the same month amounts to 330,000,000 US dollars, grows 49.4%...

05 Sep 2011
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Recently, received the national many media competitions in the investment greatly hot joy US decorative lighting to report that inside the short time,LED Spot Lights the joy US decorative lighting became the street to know the decorative lighting lamps and lanterns product which the lane heard, the joy US decorative lighting has not only aroused consumer's high interest, simultaneously has also attracted many investor's presences. Then, actually does the investment join the joy US decorative lighting to have what management superiority? Therefore, Reporter joy US decorative lighting's investor Mr. Wang.

Mr. Wang told the reporters, the undertaking investment is not the matter orally, is a protracted war, specially...

29 Aug 2011
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The inexpensive swim suit many are three does not have the product Arrives at the abundant Chinese market immediately, in several general merchandise thing shop, many merchants has started swim suit business. Each kind of design's swim suit, the swimming mirror, the swim ring suspend at the conspicuous position.

Visits the discovery,cheap evening dresses here swim suit basic below 40-50 Yuan, a section of cheapest gentleman swimming trunks marked price is 5 Yuan. “these things you not use the month, the price was also cheap, puts on several times has discarded.”Some shop owners said. Takes up several swim suits to examine conveniently that discovers some cheap swim suits, although the color is gorgeous, but the...

18 Aug 2011
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Gold leaf jewelry epoch   Gold rate since long continually rise, as well as occupies the ore namely rich age in this, the gold causes the new pet who *ST becomes the capital market brightly. The gold leaf jewelry through borrows shell going on the market to realize the property securitization platform, thus may cause the company to have more financing opportunities and the financial support, expands the easy childbirth energy, speeds up the construction marketing network, the promotion product popularity and the brand image,cheap wedding dresses obtains the sustained development capital.

  The gold leaf jewelry belongs to the gold manufacture profession, Chairman Wang Zhiwei is establishes the brand...

08 Aug 2011
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The Hong Kong international airport decided that replaces in the passenger transportation building comprehensively the illumination lamps and lanterns, by the LED lamp substitution tradition lamps and lanterns, estimated in the future every year may save 12,500,000 kwh electricity and the reduction surpasses 7000 metric ton carbon withdrawal.

News which announces according to Hong Kong Government, Hong Kong international airport plan before 2013, completes in the replacement passenger transportation building 81,000 illumination lamps and lanterns, all changes the LED lamp.

Hong Kong Airport will also promote to be located in the gate position the fixed ground power supply system and the air-conditioning system,LED...

01 Aug 2011
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 With markets and so on big business carries on the strategic echelon to cooperate the brand to have the echelon, the marketing channel also has the corresponding echelon naturally.

In the evening, Austria Kang Jiu and Dalian big business group and so on domestic high-end market has signed the strategy cooperative agreement, according to the agreement, both sides will refer to own brand and the market different localization carries on the echelon women shoes it is known that in recent years, along with the market change, the consumer unceasingly subdivided, the market has also made the corresponding adjustment, no longer was one kind industry condition fights for state power, divides very many...

25 Jul 2011
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 LED the light environment is the plant growth grows one of essential important physical environmental factors in culture of plants's application , the transmitted light nature adjustment, control adult plant morphogenesis is a facility cultivation domain important technology. 

As the fourth generation of new lighting source, LED has many are different with other electro-optic light characteristic (Table 1), this also causes it to become the energy conservation environmental protection photo source the first choice. Applies also displays the following characteristic in plant raise domain LED:LED Spot Lights The wave length type rich, just right and the plant light synthesis and the light morphogenesis's spectral...

18 Jul 2011
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 Divides into two broad headings: Surface paper, pit paper. Usually the packing box surface paper commonly used includes: Ash copper, alloy of copper and nickel, Shan Tong, magnificent card, yellow gold card, white gold card, silver card, laser card and so on. “the white bottom tabula rasa” refers to:Tin Box Alloy of copper and nickel and Shan Tong. The alloy of copper and nickel and the single copper's common ground is pro and con is the white.

The difference is “the alloy of copper and nickel”: Smooth at the same time is not at the same time smooth. The popular spot is may print directly, the reverse side may not print. “single copper”: Pro and con have spread the cloth cover, the pro and con may...

11 Jul 2011
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The national capital gold market “pursues rises” “the buy-back” all hot , although the present gold rate still in the top digit, the consumer invested the gold to have certain risk, but the consumer purchases the gold the enthusiasm not to drop, Beijing gold consumer market invests the gold bar the sale to be very hot. But also has the consumer to borrow the high price “the east wind”,discount fashion jewellery gets rid in abundance hand's in gold in kind the realization, fall the bag peacefully.

on July 6, the international on-hand merchandise gold opening price amounts to 1515.14 US dollars/ounces, from May 2, after gold refurbishing 1577 US dollars/ounce high prices, international gold price...