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21 Feb 2011



18 Feb 2011
  苦瓜有清熱燥濕的功效。將苦瓜洗淨榨汁加適量冰糖飲用,同時,外用苦瓜汁擦拭粉刺處,連用數日,粉刺即可減輕。   要提醒的是,苦瓜不是藥,輕微炎症可以一試,如無不良反應,可連用數日,但不必每天用,每週一兩次即可,長期堅持就會有美容的效果。

18 Feb 2011

17 Dec 2010

Somali pirates have released the Liberian-flagged MV Eleni P, seven months after she was seized about 250 nautical miles off the Omani coast, EU anti-piracy mission confirmed on Saturday.

A brief statement from the EU Naval Force Somalia said the Greek-owned bulk carrier, deadweight 72,119 tons, was pirated on May 12 with 23 crew mostly Filipinos. "The MV Eleni P has a crew of 23, of which 19 are Filipinos, 2 are Greek, one Ukrainian and one Romanian," Naval Force spokesman Paddy O'Kennedy said.

The latest development came as Somali pirates intensified its attacks on foreign vessels resulting in the increase in the cost of import of goods and services in Kenya and the East Africa region.

Most hijackings end without casualties...

17 Dec 2010

Commercial oil production was set to begin next Wednesday in the Jubilee Oil Field off the southwest coast of Ghana, the Minister for Energy Joseph Obteng Adjei announced here on Sunday.

Ghanaian President John Evans Atta Mills would press the button, which would officially declare that Ghana was among the oil producing countries of the world, the minister told Xinhua on Sunday.

Adkeo described the start of oil production as a great occasion for Ghanaians, who, over the years had been dreaming to have commercial oil production so as to accelerate the economic development of the West African country.

On cooperation between Ghana and its oil partners, Adjei said that there had been a mutual respect and understanding between the...

14 Dec 2010

Romanian Senate President Mircea Geoana Monday labeled as unstatutory his suspension from the Social Democratic Paprty for six months, which was ruled by the party's National Standing Bureau.

"Such a decision has no statutory reason," said Geoana, adding that the punishment could have been possibly discussed only by the party's local organization of Dolj County, which he belongs to.

Geoana stressed that he remains a member of the party, irrespectively of the political battle that has been fought. Geoana was suspended for six months from the Social Democratic Party, the party's National Standing Bureau announced Monday.

"This is what we have voted on," said party leader Victor Ponta, adding that the punishment was imposed in...

14 Dec 2010
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British Home Secretary Theresa May said on Monday that student protests in the country over the past month have been "infiltrated by hard-core activists and street gangs."

May told the members of parliament (MPs) in the House of Commons that a series of large-scale demonstrations by students since Nov. 10 had resulted in violence and criminal damage in central London.

She was speaking in the wake of a demonstration on Thursday which saw thousands of police confront over 10,000 protesters outside parliament, and which saw statues defaced, windows of the finance ministry building broken, and fires started.

May said: "It is quite clear that these acts were not perpetrated by a small minority but by a significant...

02 Dec 2010
Chinese chemists have joined animal rights groups in search of substitutes for bear bile, which is believed to help cure ailments such as eye and liver problems. "Research and development of substitute ingredients are essential in protecting animal welfare and boosting technological advancements," said Prof. Gao Yimin, an expert on traditional Chinese medicine at the Beijing-based Capital Medical University. At a forum sponsored by Animals Asia Foundation (AAF), a non-government organization engaged in animal welfare, in Beijing Tuesday, Prof. Gao said China's success in developing artificial musk, a substance obtained from the gland of male musk deer, could be copied to save bears from the torture of bile extraction. China has...

25 Nov 2010
[object Object]An ancient sunken ship was discovered at a construction site in Heze in east China's Shandong Province in September 2010, which was later covered by domestic media. The ship was made in the Yuan dynasty (1271-1368) and is the oldest sunken ship ever found in Shandong, according to information from a press conference jointly held by the Shandong Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, Heze Municipal Government and the Heze Municipal Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology on Nov. 23. Archaeologists salvaged some 110 cultural relics, including a nearly intact blue-and-white vase with dragon designs worth well over 100 million yuan, from the ship. An archaeologist, who declined to give his...

10 Nov 2010
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