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26 Nov 2015
I broke my laptop dancing in the rain. I was waiting for a ride home from class at my university and it was raining and so I jumped in the puddles like the toddler I am and when I got home I realized my backpack was soaked through and my laptop was dead.

My desk was overflowing and I was going to cut some cardboard with a hobby knife. I decided to use my computer as my cutting board, I pushed that knife a bit too deep into the cardboard.

I was watching Crossroads, with Britney Spears, and I put my glass of wine down on it to dance to “I Love Rock 'n' Roll” and got a little too into it. The wine spilled all over the keyboard and that was the end of that.

Leaving school, I put my laptop on the top of my car while loading my backpack into...

29 Jul 2015
 It was during these days that Scarlett dreamed and dreamed again the nightmare which was to haunt her for years you find ZMOT. It was always the same dream, the details never varied, but the terror of it mounted each time it came to her and the fear of experiencing it again troubled even her waking hours. She remembered so well the incidents of the day when she had first dreamed it.
 Cold rain had fallen for days and the house was chill with drafts and dampness. The logs in the fireplace were wet and smoky and gave little heat. There had been nothing to eat except milk since breakfast, for the yams were exhausted and Pork’s snares and fishlines had yielded nothing. One of the shoats would have to be killed the next day if they...

16 Mar 2015
If you have a dream, you want to become scientists or what? I used to think is very simple, just one of you, and all the people like ordinary, paid to enjoy endowment, not to talk about a vigorous love, don't go wonky Road, but no waves without wind, a people in.
However, I met a person today, I know what is the real dream, know the distance between dreams and reality where, and listen to in the ear but such as waves surging in my heart electric motor manufacturers, for a long time do not know their own hands the pen to continue to record, so I opened the phone started recording.
"I have a dream, I want to use my strength to build a peaceful city, in the city people like Utopia, wide Jishan pleasure, you see beauty because beauty is...

10 Mar 2014
Professional copywriting is what makes the difference between successful content and just more filler that seems to permeate the market today. Although higher-priced advertising and marketing options weed poor writing out in most cases, the internet is not a good example of where quality is king.

Let's look at it this way. If you were meeting a hot prospect for a sales meeting, would you want to meet them at a hot dog stand or in a nice restaurant? Which conveys your quality better?

Of course you'd choose the good restaurant. But how about this: would you show up in jeans and a T-shirt or a suit? What impression do you want to give your prospect? As Polonius said, "The clothes make the man." To draw this analogy further, "The words make...

12 Feb 2014
Night already deep, heavy traffic on the street during the day busy street, now only a few cars still go forward. An ordinary residential building, an upstairs Ye Mingzheng staggered on the stairs to see tonight, should also drink a lot of wine. The old residents staircases used for lighting lamps have bad about, Ye Ming circumspect fumbling with handrail coming up the stairs slowly, for fear of accidentally falls below what the. Fumbled, came to the door of his house, Ye Ming took the key to open the door, probably because of drunk on sake, no key is always the key mouth. Ye Mingnong's impatience, direct force of the knock on the door. The room soon came a burst of rapid footsteps, not for a while, a clothes woman opened the door. She...

12 Dec 2013
The sun shines into the balcony, opened the door, a wisp of Jin Guangping and of the moisture in my eyes, the skin on the back of the brush. Before, I rode a bike to go to school, the shade of a tree at this time, the grass, is a paradise on earth. I took out a piece of red cloth from the bag, took off a shoe, no matter how ugly in her sleep, open my arms, with green space for seats, a sky blue, hug this beautiful autumn.
I dream of to be a beautiful woman, my beloved man thrush, painted with red lipstick, jasmine spray on perfume, my love as I combed through the thin black hair, comb gently comb, sweet, tender comb. Put on a broken lace white dress, walk on the red high heels, holding the hand of a loved one, walking in the stream...

28 Nov 2012

Next year the intelligent mobile phone shipments, Samsung, Apple store at

DIGITIMES Research newest report points out Nokia Lumia, the emerging market in low price range products, intelligent mobile phone industry in 2013 growth kinetic energy is the main source of low price products, thus relatively complete industry, and in a number of emerging markets and enjoy high brand advantage,plastic bag manufacturer or have been associated with the local telecommunications industry to establish good relations of cooperation, or familiar with around the market special pathway ecological, will have higher shipping development space; on the other hand, estimated that next year the intelligent mobile phone shipments, Samsung and apple still...

21 Nov 2012

China Beijing / Hamburg solar panel supplier, 2012 November 21, with the Chinese fans and parts manufacturers continue to explore the international market, the German Lloyd's renewable energy certification authorities ( " GL RC " ) to strengthen the Chinese manufacturer support. In November 15th, GL RC at the 2012 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference for Chongqing Wangjiang Industrial Company Limited ( " Chongqing city " )solar module manufacturer issued by the two declaration of conformity, proof of the company in 2 MW and 3 MW in two models of wind turbine gearbox development were to meet the GL RC class A and class D design requirements.

" GL RC over the past two months has Chongqing Wangjiang issued three copies of...

16 Aug 2012

Arduino is attracted to this group a guest came together " artifact ", it is an open source electronics prototyping platform, has the advantages of simple operation, flexible use, can be connected interactive device or the creation of interactive development environment.overseastudyhk Arduino can accept input from a variety of sensors signal, detect the operating environment, through the control of light source, electric motors and drives to influence the environment.

In other words, Arduino can help people connected to the various tasks. For example, like low temperature cooking, but feel special low-temperature cooking pot is too expensive,PAR38 Bulbdab5d63ck so buy myself a not - cooking pot, a timer, using the Arduino to connect...

13 Aug 2012
Distance Yan Yan commitment reply NVC dealers appeal deadline only had a day, each mounting speculation. NVC internal executives sina finance today said, Wu Changjiang has returned home from london. Disclose according to its, NVC Huizhou, Wanzhou factory has a large number of workers to resign, the factory faced serious underemployment.

Wu Changjiang returned home for Yan Yan dealer new brand operation shortly

The recent news that the former chairman Wu Changjiang went to London to watch the Olympic Games, and the staff about dinner. In this regard,PC Web Cameradab5d63ck a NVC internal executives sina finance today said, Wu Changjiang has returned home from london.

As everyone knows, August 10th is the chairman Yan Yan commitment to...