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12 Dec 2013
The sun shines into the balcony, opened the door, a wisp of Jin Guangping and of the moisture in my eyes, the skin on the back of the brush. Before, I rode a bike to go to school, the shade of a tree at this time, the grass, is a paradise on earth. I took out a piece of red cloth from the bag, took off a shoe, no matter how ugly in her sleep, open my arms, with green space for seats, a sky blue, hug this beautiful autumn.
I dream of to be a beautiful woman, my beloved man thrush, painted with red lipstick, jasmine spray on perfume, my love as I combed through the thin black hair, comb gently comb, sweet, tender comb. Put on a broken lace white dress, walk on the red high heels, holding the hand of a loved one, walking in the stream...